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The Process Part #2...

The Process…

It's time to continue looking at hbc visual design process.

Stage Two - Materials & Finishes

This is where a project really starts to come to life. You can begin to see how your material choices and colour palette are working in context. What’s great about using CGI in your design process is that you can try out different options. For example, here we have dropped in a variation for the internal flooring. A costly change to make when you have physically purchased and start laying the wrong materials. Another advantage of doing CGI is that we don't have to focus on the internals, here we have started to look at the external aesthetics and how the space works as a whole.

The bulk of the heavy modelling is now in place, with the structure and materials chosen. Next time, we will be moving onto the third stage of our process, where we can start to refine. By placing dressing items and points of interest we can add personality, and we begin to give the space some grounding in reality. Don’t forget, these images aren’t real!


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